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Our Services

Adams Doors Installation & Services offers everything related to the gate and garage door automation alongside our other services. Our team are experts in:

•    Garage door automation on new and existing doors
•    Gate automation on new and existing gates
•    Installing new automatic garage doors and gates
•    Offering maintenance services and repairs on automatic gates and garage motors

Benefits of Gate and Garage Door Automation

Safety is a priority for the team at Adams Doors, so we always suggest the best products to keep your home and business as safe as possible. Gate and garage door automation not only increases the value of your property but also takes away major safety risks associated with non-automated gates and garages. 

Some of the safety benefits of automated gates and garage doors -
-    Property is more difficult to break into with an automated gate
-    Cars and valuables are safer behind automated garage doors 
-    With gate and garage automation, you don’t need to expose yourself by getting out of your vehicle, and leaving it unattended while you have to manually open the gate or garage door
-    Keep your pets and children safe by having a gate automatically close behind your vehicle as you drive in; this way they can’t run into the street as easily

What Does It Cost to Automate Garage Doors?

Garage door automation varies in cost depending on the project. A brand-new installation will cost more than a service or repair on an existing project. However, this can be seen as an investment, not only into your safety but into your property value too. Automating your gate and installing new garage doors will give your home a facelift, and property buyers are more likely to purchase a property that has additional safety. 

Our quotes typically include different options to ensure that our clients are getting the best value for money.

Take a look at the different types of gate motors

Evo Gate Motor
Evo Gate Motor
Gate Motor
Gate Drive

Emergency Electric Gate Repairs

Adams Doors also carries out electric gate repairs and electric gate service in all regions of the Gauteng Province. Whether the electric gates are of the sliding variety or hinged, allow us to give you a quotation for electric gate repairs or for converting your existing gates for automation. Don’t leave this problem unattended to, call in the experts and we will allow you to put your safety first once again.

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