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Gate Automation

Adams Doors Installation & Services is a company that specializes in the automation of gates and their installation as part of a complete service offering aimed at helping to increase the safety of you, your family and your home from predatory activity like hijackings and home invasions.

Why You Should Have Automated Gates

Crimes don’t only take place under the cover of night and are rarely spur of the moment decisions. People will observe that when you come home you first need to exit your car to unlock and pull open your gate before getting back into your car pulling into the driveway and then getting out again to close the gate. This takes a significant amount of time and during this period you may find yourself at the mercy of criminals, they will take advantage of this time and the fact that you are exposed. Many people have been attacked whilst getting out of their vehicle to open gates or garage doors. Automatic gates make such a crime much harder to carry out as you have removed their advantages of time and your own exposure.

Take a look at the different types of gate motors

Emergency Electric Gate Repairs

Adams Doors also carries out electric gate repairs and electric gate service in all regions of the Gauteng Province. Whether the electric gates are of the sliding variety or hinged, allow us to give you a quotation for electric gate repairs or for converting your existing gates for automation. Don’t leave this problem unattended to, call in the experts and we will allow you to put your safety first once again.

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