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Glass Garage Doors

The number one reason homeowners choose to install glass garage doors is for their aesthetic appeal. Glass garage doors can take your home’s status to the next level, especially if you get the right professional team to install them!


Glass Garage Doors Benefits

While these doors are beautiful, they’re also a great investment. There are a host of other benefits for having glass garage doors namely: -

Bringing in light and space: The garage is typically a dingy space, but it really doesn’t have to be. With glass garage doors, you’ll let in a lot more natural light, and make the space appear brighter and happier. In case you ever decide to convert your garage from a car storage area to another useful room, you’ll have the right door to bring beauty to the space, both inside and out.

Stronger than you think: Glass garage doors are made using tempered glass which is very strong and durable. The glass is difficult to break and is therefore also reasonably safe.

Little to no maintenance: Glass garage doors really don’t require much maintenance; especially if they are glass and aluminium garage doors. All they need every few months is a wipe down with glass cleaner and a soft cloth. Of course, you’ll still have to have to maintain other aspects of the garage door – but you would have that same maintenance with any garage door.


Aluminium Glass Garage Doors Prices in South Africa

Even though you are adding to the style and status of your home, glass garage door installation doesn’t have to break the bank. At Adams Doors, we cater for every budget and make sure that your garage door vision can come true. Our quotes typically include different options to ensure that our clients are getting the best value for money!


Glass Aluminium Garage Doors

Reinforcing your glass garage doors with aluminium is one of the best options for aesthetics and additional safety. We have a range of glass garage doors that incorporate different garage door materials, and aluminium is a popular choice because of its durability and longevity.

Contact our team to get your shiny new glass garage door installed by the best!

glass garage door
glass garage door
glass garage door
glass garage door
glass garage door
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