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Wood vs. Steel Garage Doors in the Mossel Bay Area



Choosing a new garage door isn’t always an easy decision. There are many different considerations that need to be factored into the decision like your budget and climate. Although there are countless different styles and options to choose from, two of the most popular options, specifically in Mossel Bay people choose between, are wood vs. steel garage doors. 


Luckily, Adams Doors is here to help you make the decision! 

The Top 3 Factors to Consider When Choosing Between a Wood or Steel Garage Door


Steel garage doors are lighter than solid wood garage doors; therefore, it is much easier to lift and install steel garage doors. When installing a garage door there is also the question of whether you want an automated or manual garage door. This is where the two options' weight also has an effect. It is never advised to have a wooden garage door without an automated garage door motor, as they are extremely heavy to lift and if the counterbalance of the door becomes out of sync you can even be physically injured. When opting for a steel garage door, you can choose between an automated or manual installation. 



Steel garage doors can run the risk of denting and rusting over time; however, if you opt for a good quality steel door the likelihood of this happening decreases exponentially.  A wooden garage door will inevitably warp or rot over a long period of time. Luckily, wooden garage door panels are easily replaced or repaired and will look just as good as new, if you call in the proper repair specialists


Furthermore, a wooden garage door will not dent as easily as a steel door, but a steel door will not be easily damaged by different weather conditions like rain and heat. Both doors have an average lifetime of 15 to 20 years but can be much longer if the necessary care and maintenance is taken.


Wooden garage doors require a fair amount of maintenance to ensure your garage door stands the test of time. Garage doors need to be sanded and painted or stained every few years to ensure a minimal amount of moisture buildup and water damage. 


As steel garage doors tend to be susceptible to rust damage, it is a good idea to, ensure that your door has a fibreglass overlay or a polyester topcoat as both of these can prevent rusting. Overall, a steel garage door requires less long-term maintenance when compared to a wooden garage door. 

Are Wood or Steel Garage Doors More Expensive?


In the long run steel garage doors can be less expensive, due to the fact that they require less regular maintenance than wooden garage doors. However, wooden garage doors make up for their price in aesthetic beauty. If your house design fits perfectly with a wooden garage door style, it's best to opt for the more expensive choice as this will ensure great curb appeal and, in the end, higher retail resell value. 

Wood and Steel Garage Doors in Mossel Bay

At Adams Doors, we offer some of Mossel Bay’s and Gauteng's largest selection of high-quality steel, wood, aluminium, and glass garage doors for every style of house and every individual budget. 


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