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What is Wrong with my Garage Door?


If you have had an automated garage door for a few years, you’re likely to experience an issue with it at one point or another. Although inconvenient, these issues can usually (and should) be sorted out quickly by a professional garage door installer. By attending to the problem quickly, you can avoid a host of other more serious (and costly) issues.

Common Garage Door Problems

You’ll know there’s a problem with your garage door or garage door remote when you notice changes in functioning, movement, and sound.

Sensor Blocked

To prevent the garage door from closing on your car or on a person or pet, it will have sensors to detect an obstruction and stop it. These sensors may become blocked for any number of reasons (sometimes as simple as dust), and may prevent the door from closing altogether, obstruction or not. If this happens, it may be a simple fix by taking a clean cloth and wiping the sensor. If this doesn’t work, you should rather speak to a professional to get your garage door mechanism repaired.

Faulty Garage Door Opener

Most people keep their garage door openers on their keys, which are often exposed to the elements, to messy counters, and to dusty outside surfaces. Like any electronic device, your garage door opener remote will age and need a sprucing up.

Sometimes the inside of the remote can short-circuit and the remote will send your garage door all of the wrong signals – it may cause the door to stop randomly, not close when the button is pushed, not open at all, etc. Sometimes this can be a simple fix, like getting new batteries. If you try this and the issues persist, it may be time to get a professional to help.

Snapped or Faulty Cables

Your garage door functions on a complex mechanism that should be functioning smoothly to keep your garage door running smoothly. If your door starts to seem out of balance, makes strange noises, or is slower than usual, you should call in a professional immediately.

Fixing these issues yourself can result in permanent and more costly damage to your garage door – it may even result in injuries, as the parts on the door are sharp and heavy.

Garage Door Alignment

Your garage door may sometimes go a little off its tracks over time. It will make noise and not perform the way it’s supposed to (if at all), which you’ll notice quite quickly. A garage door professional will be able to align your door for you. This should be done as soon as the problem arises, as a misaligned garage door may put strain on the garage door motor, which may cause more severe damage as time goes on.

There are garage door problems that can take anything from a few minutes to a few hours to fix. To ensure the best results, it’s better to get a professional involved in the first place to ensure the issue is diagnosed and seen to effectively, the first time around.

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