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Sliding Gate Rail Repair: How do I Fix it?


Sliding gates are becoming increasingly more popular, particularly in locations where there is not enough space for a swing gate to operate properly and where higher security is required.


Therefore, the need for sliding gate repairs has also increased significantly. But before you dive into repairing, let’s first discover what a sliding gate is and why one would install it.


What is a Sliding Gate?

A sliding gate is powered by a stationary running floor track at the gate's bottom. It also has wheels that allow it to move laterally along the property line.


A sliding gate moves side to side in both directions, taking up less space than a swing gate that must swing inwards or outwards. There is also the option of connecting your sliding gate to a motor and automating it so that it can be controlled remotely for convenient entry and exit without getting out of your car.

Benefits of a Sliding Gate

Benefits of opting for a sliding gate include:

Strong and Durable


Picking a sliding gate is a smart and practical decision. It's a fantastic investment due to its durability and convenience. You can be confident that your sliding gate will not be damaged or corrode easily thanks to cutting-edge technology and strong materials like stainless steel and aluminium. Stainless steel is a tough and durable material, whereas aluminium is corrosion-resistant and malleable.


A sliding gate is also resistant to weather and wind, so you won't have to stress about damage following rough weather conditions. You can be confident that your investment will withstand the test of time.

Increased Security

Your home is your safe space and therefore requires the best security possible. Not only are your property and valued possessions at stake, but so is the safety of you and your family. A sliding gate is intended to add an extra layer of security to your property. A sliding gate's durable structure makes it difficult to break into, making it difficult for intruders to gain access.


Doesn't Take Up Unnecessary Space

A sliding gate moves side to side on a ground track, so opening it takes up no unnecessary space in your driveway or garden. It allows you to make more room on your property to garden or host. Furthermore, a sliding gate is ideal for properties near a road, as it eliminates the need for them to potentially swing out onto a busy street full of cars and pedestrians.

Increase Property Value

Taking all the benefits of a sliding gate into account, adding one to your home will increase its resale value. Aside from the convenience and value it adds to your home or business, a sliding gate gives any potential buyer a sense of security.

How Do You Fix a Sliding Gate Track?

The answer to this question is simple, you don’t, because we do! When it comes to fixing gates it’s better to call in the professionals to ensure your investment is a long term one! Contact Adams Doors for any gate repairs and automation!

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