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Signs that a Wooden Garage Door Needs a Repair


Most of us use our garage doors more than our front doors to enter our homes. The front door is usually just reserved for welcoming special guests, other than that we just go through the garage. Therefore, a properly functioning garage door is essential for daily convenience. 

It is natural for your garage door to require maintenance with constant daily use. The next couple of tips will guide you to identify when your need to call in the garage door repair professionals:

Rotten Wood Panels and Frame

Rotting of wooden door frames and panels is a typical issue. As a result, your wooden garage door might start showing signs of decay after a few years. Repairing a rotted wood garage door is a difficult task, therefore it's advised to rather contact the experienced team of Adams Doors to get the job done. 

Off the Rails

Whether manual or automated, a wooden garage door runs by sliding up and down the rails using rollers. As your garage door gets older or has undergone some damage with everyday wear and tear, the door might get detached from its rails, preventing it from opening and closing smoothly. When this happens it's a clear sign that it's time to call in the professionals, to inspect and repair! 

Noisy Door

It is normal for your garage door to make some noise when opening and closing, but when you start noticing an unusual sound it might be a sign that the door needs repair. The following three sounds are examples of sounds to be on the lookout for and what they might mean: 

  • Squeaking: This sound might indicate that the garage door is off balance.

  • Rattling: When you hear a rattle this mind indicates that there is a loose chain or support rail.

  • Grinding: Worn-out rollers or poor lubrication of moving components can cause a grinding noise.

Read our blog on garage door noises when closing to get some more insight into what to do next. 

How to Repair Old Wooden Garage Doors

If your wooden garage door is displaying any of the above signs you might be wondering, is it time for a repair or for a replacement?  If the damage to the wooden garage door is just minimal but it’s a 10-20-year-old door then it might be time to consider a replacement. A new garage door can provide additional benefits, like increasing the value of your home and giving your house a new modern look. If the door is fairly new then it’s better to opt for a repair and allow the professionals to assess the damage. 

How to Repair Wooden Garage Door Panels

It is essential to repair your wood garage door on a regular basis to assist in avoiding further damage. Inspect for potential symptoms of decay and scrape and mend them as soon as possible to minimise damage from expanding when water pours into gaps. If your garage door is severely damaged, it may be essential — and possibly less expensive — to replace it totally.

Wooden Garage Door Repairs

Looking for wooden garage door repairs, parts, and installations? Adams Doors has got you covered! Contact us if you are in need of a repair or service.

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