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Should I Repair My Garage Door or Replace It?



To replace or repair your garage door, that is the question? Garage doors are always a great investment into your property; however, since they are used daily, they eventually break. If your garage door either struggles to open, doesn’t run smoothly on its tracks, or has been damaged by accidents and weather, it’s time to determine whether to repair or replace it.


Consider the following 3 factors when trying to determine if it’s time to call the repair specialist or opt for a brand-new garage door:


  1. Consistent Garage Door Issues 

Random and sudden issues can usually be repaired, but if your garage door hasn’t been running properly for a while it is most likely time to replace it. Garage doors consist of several powerful and heavy moving parts, if one of these components has been giving issues for a long time, the daily damage caused is most likely beyond repair. 


  1. The Neighbourhood Eyesore

Garage doors often make up 50% of your home’s exterior. Your garage doors can either enhance your curb appeal or brand your house as the neighbourhood eyesore. Garage door wear and tear can have a serious effect on the beauty of your home. If the wear on a garage door is not severe and, for example, only one panel is damaged, it will be best to opt for a garage door repair. However, if there are multiple damaged, cracked, or warped panels it is time for a complete home facelift and a garage door replacement


  1. A Recent Break-In 

Unfortunately, thieves can figure out how to enter the garage, even if it’s a newer and more secure model. If a burglar has recently entered your home through your garage door, causing damage to the door or motor, it’s best to replace, rather than repair it. Installing a new door is the best way to assure that the thief does not return or that another criminal does not exploit the same gap in security.


Is Replacing a Garage Door Worth It?

If going through the above list made you realise it’s time to replace your garage door, you will reap the benefits of a brand-new installation. The benefits of replacing your garage door include: 


  • Improved Home Value: If you are considering selling your home in the future, a brand new and professionally installed garage door will increase the value of your home.

  • Minimal Repairs: The newer the garage door, the fewer repairs will be required in the near future. With new quality garage door options and powerful motors, a new door will be the perfect investment. 

  • Increased Safety: Modern garage door systems come with modern and improved safety features, ensuring the safety of your home and its residents. 


Replacing or Repairing a Garage Door?

Whether you are opting for a garage door repair or a replacement, Adams Doors is the answer to your questions! Contact us today for a quote.

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