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Roll Up Garage Doors: The Benefits


A roll up garage door tends to be a great choice for homeowners looking for a contemporary, stylish, and practical option. These doors roll up vertically when opening, and bunch into a small roll at the top. They usually consist of Alu-Zinc steel – better known as Chromadek. For ease of explaining we call them steel roll up doors. These doors should not be mistaken for Roller-Shutter doors. Roll Up Garage Doors consists of a single curtain unlike sectional doors that consists of multiple panels.

Aluminium Roll Up Garage Doors

Alu-zinc roll up garage doors are a wonderful option for durability, neatness, and other amazing benefits. They are the classic choice for roll ups, and have been around for decades for a reason! They are most commonly found in limited-space complexes, commercial properties, smaller homes and storage units.

Other Benefits of The Roller Garage Door

It can be overwhelming trying to decide which garage door is going to suit your home and your needs, because there are so many options. There are multiple benefits of having a roll up garage door; these include:

Additional Space

The roll up garage door is a great option for garages that have limited space. The roll up mechanism means that there are no additional track frames to consider, therefore leaving extra space for both height and width.

Additional Parking

Because the roll up garage door opens vertically, it allows car owners to park directly in front and inside. With other garage doors, additional space needs to be left between the door and the car.

Easy Automation

Roll up doors are not only easy to operate, but they can also easily be fitted with a garage door motor and automated. Roll up door installation is quick, and property owners can expect a finished product in a few painless hours!

Cost Effective

Roll up doors are one of the most cost-effective options for garage doors. With the automation and the doors coming in at about the same price, it is the ideal solution for closing up the garage without breaking the bank.

Roll Up Garage Doors Sizes

Roll up doors come in single and double roll-up doors that can either be manual or automated. Adams Doors offers a wide variety of sizes and, depending on your requirements, can offer you a custom solution. This includes multiple colours to suit your design needs.

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