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Reasons to Install Retractable Security Gates on Your Property


Having a security gate is commonplace on all South African homes. Doorways are the easiest and quietest ways for home-invaders to enter your house, so it’s important to make it as difficult as possible to deter them.

Retractable security gates are not only good for entrance ways – they can be installed inside your house to separate main living areas and bedrooms to ensure that if someone does get in, your family is more protected.

Retractable Security Gate Benefits

Aside from peace of mind, there are other benefits of installing security gates in and around your home.

Increase Your Property Saleability and Property Value

Not many buyers will take a second look at your house for sale if it doesn’t feel safe to them. Having additional security where possible will help the house feel more secure, making it more enticing for potential buyers.

With readily-installed security gates in your home, buyers won’t be able to negotiate down by claiming that they will have to install their own security measures.  

Reduce Your Insurance Premiums

Most insurance companies will either not insure your home, or will ensure that you pay higher premiums if you haven’t installed security gates on your doors, or bars on your windows. Therefore, you’ll save money and be protected in more ways than one by having retractable security gates on your home’s entrances.

Get Some Air

With a security gate, you can keep your doors open for fresh air to flow through the house without worrying about an intruder waltzing in with ease. Retractable security gates also allow for larger spaces like sliding door entrances to be protected when the house is locked up. However, they can also be folded neatly out of the way when you want to open everything wide to enjoy the outdoors!

Made for Kids and Pets

Without shutting out the fresh air and the natural light, you can keep your kids safe from high-risk areas such as pool areas in the backyard, when you can’t keep an eye on them. Additionally, because your doors can stay open safely, you can also allow your pets to come in and out as they please. 

Retractable Security Gate Prices

Adams Doors recently added retractable security gates to our offering, and you’ll find exactly what your home requires from our selection. For retractable door and retractable window security, give us a call for an obligation-free quote and our experts will help with all of your safety needs!

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