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Mossel Bay Garage Door Repairs: Everything You Need to Know



During the lockdown period, it became a common practice for homeowners to try and DIY home repairs and improvements. But when it comes to extremely technical jobs, it’s better to call in the specialists for garage door repairs in Mosselbay. 


Here are two reasons why saving a few bucks on doing garage door repairs yourself is never worth it:


  1. No Experience: Most of us don’t actually know the first thing about garage doors and how they work. Instead of potentially creating even more damage, put down the toolbox and pick up the phone to call the professionals. Garage door repair specialists have years of experience in repairing and dealing with countless different types of garage door issues. Whether it’s an issue with the motor or the panels, they’ve probably seen it before and know exactly how to fix it. 


  1. Safety First: One of the heaviest pieces of equipment in your home is most likely your garage door and its components. When trying to repair your garage door at home you run the risk of being severely injured. Repair specialists, however, have enough experience to know how to handle the weight and dangers associated with garage door repairs.

Garage Door Motor Repairs in the Mossel Bay Area

Garage door motors have been small moving components that work together and eventually, the frequent movement over time can wear them down. At Adams Doors we frequently come across the question “how do I know my garage motor needs a repair?” and we’re here to help! The following 3 signs indicate that it’s time to contact the repair specialists: 

  1. Unusual Noises 

If you hear loud and unusual noises when opening and closing your garage door, the motor most likely needs a repair or replacement. The noises are usually caused by wear and tear on moving components. 

  1. Slow to Open and Close

If your garage door is slow to open and close, it most likely means that the motor is outdated and not strong enough anymore. This means that the opening and closing of the garage door needs more energy to open. This constant extra stress on the motor will eventually lead to motor failure.

  1. Garage Door Won’t Open 

If your garage door fails to open altogether, it’s most likely time for a new garage door motor. Other culprits of a garage door that won’t open can be faulty lift cables, torsion springs, and rollers. 

Get the Panel Repaired on Your Garage Door in Mossel Bay

Wooden garage doors are made up of a few panels pivoted together. Sometimes a single panel has water damage or scratches, and replacing the entire door due to this is unnecessary. Luckily, a garage door panel can be easily replaced and look uniform with the rest of the door, if you get it professionally and properly replaced. 

Garage Door Repairs in Mossel Bay

If you’re looking for a professional garage door repair or replacement in Mossel Bay or Gauteng, Contact our expert team at Adams Doors

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