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Modern Double Garage Designs


Gone are the days when property owners had limited options to choose from when it came to garage doors. Thanks to new materials and some clever design innovation, your garage door can suit your needs and taste! Sectional garage doors are especially versatile, and can be made into beautiful home investments.

Double Garage Door Designs in South Africa

You begin by choosing what material your garage door should be made of. At Adams Doors, there are three main options to choose from; aluminium, wood, and Aluzinc steel. Depending on your preference, and your pocket, there is a garage door option for you!

Wooden doors will require some maintenance after installation, while aluminium and Aluzinc steel doors will only require annual services.

Once you have decided on the material, the design factor steps in. Each one of the above materials offer their own unique design and, in most cases, you can customise them even more with additional trimmings.

Sectional Aluminium Garage Doors

This material has changed the garage door game completely because of its versatility. It allows us to completely revolutionise ultra-modern double garage doors in South Africa. Here are some of the options:

Framed Aluminium Garage Doors

This offers a variety of different glass (mirror, bronze or tinted) in multiple colour options on the frame.

Frameless Glass Aluminium Doors

Just as the name implies – there is absolutely no frame! Different glass options are also available for these doors.

Standard Fluted Aluminium Doors

These doors offer the simplistic yet modern look and the more popular option in the aluminium range. They are also available in a variety of colours.

Broad slatted Aluminium Doors

Very similar to the standard fluted doors, but just a broader slat.

Sectional Wooden Garage Doors

Wooden garage doors are classic! Being able to manipulate wood so much has broadened the design aspect of garage doors. We only use 100% meranti wood. The options include:

  • Standard 40 panel doors: Wooden double door with 40 blocks
  • 20 panel doors: Wooden door with 20 elongated blocks
  • Tuscan-style doors: Wooden door with a mix between square blocks and elongated blocks.
  • 60 panel doors: Wooden door with 60 small square blocks
  • Barn style doors: Wooden doors that have been decorated to look like swinging doors
  • Horizontal slatted doors: Wooden doors that have a similar form factor to the fluted aluminium door but with the added benefit of the wood colour and woodgrain. These doors can also be customised with aluminium trimmings.

Sectional Aluzinc Steel Doors

Need something stylish yet cost effective? The Aluzinc steel is the way to go! Being the most cost effective of the 3 options, it has also become the most popular. Keeping the form factor to a minimum of 2 designs and 4 colours, and the woodgrain embossed directly onto the material, these doors can be mass produced and stored. Lightweight, easy to maintain and pleasing to the eye, options include:

  • Block pattern door: Aluzinc Steel Door with the similar look to a 40-panel wooden door.
  • Horizontal slatted doors: Aluzinc Steel door with the similar look to a wooden or aluminium-fluted door.

Double Garage Size South Africa

Double Garage Door Sizes are pretty standard in South Africa. The standard size opening should be 4880mm x 2130mm. We do cater for custom-size openings up to 5200mm wide and up to 2700mm high. Any non-standard size will influence the costing as well as manufacturing time of the doors.

We supply a range of garage doors, which we can also automate, repair, and service! Contact our team for more information.

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