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How to Prevent Garage Door Damage


A garage door is just like any other mechanical structure, except you use it multiple times on a daily basis. As we all know, all mechanical structures eventually break down or need some repairs. But no need to stress, because Adams Doors has compiled a list of damage-causing factors to try and avoid: 


Off the Rails

A common cause of garage door damage is when the door falls off its tracks. This prevents the door from opening and closing smoothly, which leads to damage and strain on the mechanical components. The main cause of this occurrence is dirt or grime stuck in the tracks. If you start hearing your garage door make strange noises when opening and closing, check if the tracks need cleaning or lubrication, this can help prevent irreversible damage to the garage door and its motor. 


Failure to Replace Worn Out Parts 

If your garage door shudders or shakes when opening and closing, get stuck frequently or even fails to operate, it’s trying to tell you something. These signs usually mean that its parts, like the springs, are worn out and need to be replaced. Bolts, hinges and other hardware will also wear down over time or become rusty, making it difficult for your garage door to operate properly. If you have been noticing any signs of wear, it’s time to call in the Adams Doors repair specialists for an inspection and any maintenance required, to prevent further damage. 


Car Accidents

Accidents happen! Many garage door owners have accidentally put their car in the wrong gear and reversed it into the door.  Accidents like these, no matter how small, can knock a garage door off of its tracks or severely damage the garage door panels. If an accident like this has recurred recently it's advised to get a garage door repair specialist to perform maintenance and check on your garage door. 


Weather Damage

Weather damage is inevitable and can cause weather stripping and water penetration, especially if you have a wooden garage door. It is vital to ensure any water-damaged parts are replaced sooner rather than later. If the maintenance of a wooden garage door seems like too much admin, you can opt for an aluminium garage door, as it is more weather resistant. 


Common Garage Door Issues 

Now that you know what factors cause damage to garage doors, it’s important to know what issues are common and what to keep your eye on. We recommend getting in a professional garage door specialist to conduct a maintenance inspection at least once a year. The common issues these inspections can bring to light include: 


  • Deteriorating garage door panels

  • Damaged hinges or cables

  • Malfunctioning of electrical components

  • Worn out gears and pulleys

  • Broken motors and springs

  • Off-track door

Are you struggling with a garage door issue or damage? Contact Adams Doors to help diagnose your garage door problems and perform quality repairs.

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