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How to Care for Wood Garage Doors


Wooden garage doors can often be used for aesthetical reasons to contribute to the design of a home, making it an important aspect to take care of to ensure that it looks good for many years to come. Wood is one of the more attractive and durable garage door material choices, but it will need regular maintenance to keep it looking great.

Oil for Wooden Garage Doors

Most wood will be treated with a coating to prevent it from warping due to rain / moisture, or wood rot. It’s best to speak to your professional garage door installer about the best treatment for your wooden garage door; some may require special oil to maintain them properly, especially in areas that tend to be more humid.

How to Maintain Wood Garage Doors

Keep it Clean

Even with a protective coating, a wooden garage door will still need to be kept reasonably clean. A build-up of dust and dirt can eventually erode the wood and cause it to warp. It’s best to clean your garage door at least once a year with a cloth, mild detergent, and a quick hose-down to rinse it off. This will keep it looking good, and prevent any need for premature replacement.

Inspect It

If there is no protective coating on your door, it becomes increasingly more prone to wood rot, fungi, and pests that feed off of wood. If you start to notice unusual discoloration, or a change in texture or hardness of the wood, it may be time to call in for a professional opinion.

Lubricate Moving Parts

All material garage doors will need lubricating every now and then, whether they are manual or automatic. Ensure that the tracks are clear of dirt build-up and debris, and lubricate them with an all-purpose cleaner to keep your mechanism operating smoothly.

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