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Gate Automation 101


In South Africa, automatic gates are a must-have because they allow homeowners to take control of who has access to their property. Previously, automatic gates were only found in the homes of the extremely wealthy.  They are, however, increasingly being installed in a variety of settings. Because of their added security, aesthetic appeal, and convenience automated gates are becoming a popular choice for an increasing number of homeowners.


Most people are still puzzled by the operation of automatic gates and how they are installed. So you’re thinking about installing an automatic gate but aren't 100% sure if it’s worth it yet? Let Adams Doors help you decide. This article will discuss the different elements of automated gates, their benefits, and manual gate automation.

Elements of an Automatic Gate

If we break it down an automated gate consist only out of two basics elements:


  1. The Gate: The gate is the physical entity that is moved to restrict entrance into a property. Most commercial gates are made of iron or steel and are generally designed to complement the fencing adjacent to the gate or the aesthetics of the house/property.


  1. Gate Motor: The engine that drives the gate in and out of the gate opening is the gate motor. Gate motors are powered by electricity. A  battery can also be installed as a backup in case the power fails.


Automatic Gate System Benefits

Now that you know what the elements of an automated gate are you might think “so what?”. Let’s dive into the benefits of an automatic gate and then you’ll be saying “that’s why!”

Increased Security for You and Your Home

Installing an automatic gate at the front of your property is an excellent way to increase security and safety. This means only you have the power to open and close the gate. An automatic gate restricts vehicle and pedestrian access to your property. This means that you, your loved ones, your home, and your prized possessions will be more secure and safely tucked away from prying eyes.

Increased Property Value


If you decide to sell your home in the future, having an automatic gate will increase its value and lead to more interested buyers. An automatic gate is an important feature that can entice potential buyers due to its functional and aesthetic benefits.

Can You Automate Any Gate?

Automation can be added to most existing manual gates.  It is a simple job, for the professionals, if your main gate has hinges that face each other. If your gates have hinges that aren't facing each other, you have the option to add brackets or other metalwork to make it work.


If you love your current gate but are looking for more convenience, safety and security, Adams Doors has got you covered. Contact us for gate automation and repairs.

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