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Garage Doors for Sale: How to Choose the Right One


Choosing a garage door can be a daunting task if you’re not sure of all the available materials, types and mechanisms. It’s important to get clued up on these first before making a final decision. Your garage door will be part of your home or business for at least the next 10 years, so it’s important that you find the right fit.

Tips for Choosing Garage Doors

Garage Door Type

There are plenty of options when it comes to different types of garage doors. You’ll need to decide which material works best for your needs before you start thinking about garage door installation.

Aluminium garage doors: Strong, lightweight, and flexible, aluminium is a popular material used for garage doors that offer low maintenance. If you are staying in an area with more humidity, aluminium is a great option as it won’t rust.

Wooden garage doors: If you are looking for a rich, classic look on your property, wooden garage doors should be your first go-to. They come in different shades, tones, and cuts, so you can get the look that you want! With a little bit of TLC these doors can last you a very long time.

Steel garage doors: Low maintenance, cost-effective, steel doors provide great value for money and are attractive.

Roll-up garage doors: Roll-up garage doors have the advantage of saving you space and, at the same time, providing you with security.


The space that you have to work with will influence what kind of garage door you’ll need. For example, if you have limited space, you might want to consider installing a roll-up garage door. These can be manual or automatic, and will be the least cumbersome of all the garage doors.

Garage Door Mechanism

Your garage door mechanism will depend on your needs; are you looking for garage door automation? If so, rest assured, all of the above doors can be automated at your convenience There are a host of benefits of gate and garage door automation, but you may not feel it necessary to install a motor on your door. Carefully consider the right option for you and then do a little more digging. Alternatively, you can call garage door experts for advice!

What Is the Average Cost of a New Garage Door?

Garage door automation varies in cost depending on the project. A brand-new installation will cost more than a service or repair on an existing project. However, this can be seen as an investment, not only into your safety but into your property value too. Installing new garage doors will give your home a facelift, and property buyers are more likely to purchase a property that has additional safety. 

Adams Doors include different options in their quotes to ensure that clients are getting the best value for money. Contact us for more information, or advice on garage door installation, repairs and more!

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