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Garage Door Water Damage


Rain can damage garage doors, especially when they are made from materials that don’t particularly like water (such as wooden garage doors). Gauteng, being a temperate climate, experiences heavy rains most summers, so you can’t just stare at the greying clouds and hope for them to blow over. Taking action by rain-proofing your home should be a priority for keeping your belongings and property safe.

How Does Rain Impact Wooden Garage Doors?

Wood Absorbs Water

Most wood, if left unsealed, can soak up water. This means that the garage door will expand and contract, preventing the door from opening and closing smoothly if the wood becomes too swollen, causing obstructions on the tracks that stop the door from functioning if the wood becomes too swollen. Additionally, water soaked into the garage door will make it heavier, putting additional strain on the motor which may even lead to a motor malfunction.    

Though the unsealed wooden garage door will contract and return to its normal weight when it dries, this will result in cracks forming in the wood which will require replacement sooner rather than later.

Garage Door Warping

Excessive moisture and rain can cause your garage door to warp which will have a negative impact on the functioning of your door. It won’t open or close properly, and it may end up ruining your garage door tracks forever. If there is even a slight sign of your garage door changing shape, you should contact your garage door experts immediately!

Water Running into Garage from Driveway

Not all water damage comes from rain; perhaps you have a carport that shelters your garage door from the weather. You may, however, have a driveway on an incline which allows water to run towards it, and sometimes even into it! This is an easy fix – you can get a professional to install a garage door water seal that will protect your garage door, as well as whatever is behind it.

Alternatively, you can ensure that your entire property has good drainage around the perimeter. Not only will this protect your garage, it’ll protect the rest of your home from flooding as well.

Garage Door Maintenance

In order to keep your garage door rust-free from the humidity or from wet weather, there are ways to maintain your garage door to ensure that it stays looking and performing great for many years.

If you need extensive garage door or garage door motor maintenance, it is best to call in the experts. Adams Doors is a team of professional garage door installers, as well as repairmen. Give us a call for more information!

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