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A Garage Door Warranty: Everything You Need to Know



When purchasing a product or service, it is important to ensure that a warranty is attached to the product as this provides quality assurance and it is no different with garage doors! In this article, we will delve into the different types of warranties and what one can expect from a garage door warranty. 

Types of Garage Door Warranties  

When purchasing a garage door it is important to understand that there are two types of warranties that fulfil different defects. Thus, when one claims on a warranty you need to know who to claim from and what defects or faults fall under which type of warranty. These two warranties consist of a manufacturer's warranty and an installation warranty. 

Manufacturer's Warranty

A manufacturer's warranty refers to the warranty on the garage door itself and any defects that result from the manufacturing process. Thus, any damage or faults that appear as a result of the owner will not be covered by the warranty. Acts of God such as floods, fire, hail, or wind are typically not covered either. Some examples of the defects that are covered by the manufacturer include:

  • Premature rust on a steel garage door due to the steel not being treated properly during the manufacturing process.

  • If the hardware of the garage door does not work from the start.

  • If the paint starts to peel off of the garage door in the timeframe that has been stipulated by the warranty. 

Installation Warranty

If a garage door is faulty due to something that went wrong during the installation process, it will be covered by the installation warranty. Thus, an installation warranty provides surety in terms of the quality of work provided by the chosen garage door installation company. These warranties typically cover:

  • Installation Faults: This refers to anything that breaks as a result of the installation procedure. 

  • Service Defects: If a garage door has been serviced and a fault occurs as the result. 

  • Repair Faults: If a repair has been performed and the problem persists. 

What is the Average Warranty on a Garage Door?

The average warranty on a garage door will differ between manufacturers and will probably also be influenced by the material that the garage door is made from. For example, the length of the warranty between a wooden, glass, and aluminium door will often differ as the materials themselves have different life expectancies. This is most noticeable between an aluminium and wooden garage door, as aluminium typically lasts a lot longer than wood, especially if the wood is not properly treated and maintained.

The Adams Doors Warranty

At Adams Doors, we have an installation and labour warranty that last three months as well as a twelve-month warranty on any parts or products provided by us. Whether you need to have a garage door fixed or want to install a brand new garage door Adams Doors has you covered! To find out more about our garage door warranties, contact our team of experts

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