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Garage Door Security Tips


With crime being a rising concern in our beautiful country, home security is a must for peace of mind for yourself and your family. We equip our homes with all sorts of fencing, alarm systems, security gates and more, but we often forget about the garage door. An opportunistic criminal will find the easiest way to get in, and make it happen. A garage security system may become necessary to ensure that home invaders can’t gain access into your home through the garage.

Garage Door Security: Best Practices

It’s best to make it as difficult as possible for criminals to get into your home by covering all of your entry points with enough security to deter them. There are some ways to ensure that your garage door is safe from attracting the kind of attention you don’t want, as well as from tampering hands.

Frosted Garage Windows

To avoid tempting peeping criminals, you should protect your garage by either tinting or frosting the windows to ensure that they can’t see inside. Windows can be on the walls around the garage, or they can be on the actual garage door to let in some light. Make sure you keep the contents of your garage safe by preventing prying eyes from seeing in.

Automate Your Garage Door

Automating your garage door will help with your, and your home’s, security. By automating your garage door, you won’t have to leave the safety of your vehicle to manually open it; this action leaves all three you, your car, and your house exposed and at risk. Remove that risk entirely with an automated garage door.

Don’t Leave Your Garage Door Opener Remote in Your Car

It may seem convenient to leave your remote in your car, but that will be the first place someone will look if they manage to get into your car. Rather keep your garage door opener on your keys (which stay on your person or locked in your house).

Install Motion-Detector Lights

It’s much easier for criminals to sneak around your house and have time to tamper with your garage door in the dark. If you have a motion detector, it will deter them, or it will alert you that there is an intruder, and you can take the appropriate actions quickly.

Lock the Door to Your House

If you have a door between your garage and your home, it’s best to have a solid lock on it. If a thief does manage to get into your garage, it’s much better if they are stopped from going further into your home.

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