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Garage Door Repair vs Installing a New Garage Door


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Over time, everything on your property will need to be repaired or replaced. It’s simple wear and tear.

The same applies for your garage doors. Garage door repair costs can vary, and oftentimes, it may be more cost effective to install a new garage door instead! It’s important to know when it’s time to call in garage door repair specialists, or to do some research into which garage door type you may want to install as a replacement.

Garage Door Repairs: When to Call the Experts

There are a few tell-tale signs that indicate that you need to call the garage door repairman.

It won’t budge

Clearly, if your garage door is not opening or closing, you’ll need to get the experts in. It could be a simple garage door motor issue, or a problem with the door’s alignment which is a relatively quick fix, or it could be something a bit more severe. Your garage door specialist will be able to pick up the problem and fix it hopefully without too many hiccoughs.

Strange Noises and Movements

If your garage door is making new, unpleasant, noises, or it’s shuddering or shaking when it opens, it could mean an issue is brewing. You’ll want to get these problems sorted out sooner rather than later, to avoid having to replace the whole thing.

Fallen off Tracks

For whatever reason your garage door has fallen off its tracks, you should never try to replace it yourself. It could cause you an injury, and it could create more damage. Call a garage door repairman to put it back on track!

When Should I Replace My Garage Door?

Oftentimes repairing your garage door is just not feasible anymore, and it’s time to get a new garage door installation. There a few different factors that may warrant a new garage door.

Wear and Tear on the Door

The weather will take its toll on your garage door, as it will on all of the other parts of your home. When your door starts looking tatty and can’t be fixed with a new paint job, it’s probably time for an upgrade!

Needing Garage Motor Repairs… Constantly

If your garage door motor keeps failing and giving issues, it may be wearing out. You should speak to the professionals about replacing old and outdated motors with new ones.

Ruined Garage Door Tracks

Over time, misalignment of your garage door will have an effect on the tracks. This may bend and warp the tracks, making it impossible for your garage door to function normally. When the tracks have become damaged and repair is no longer possible, it’s time to replace the tracks entirely.

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