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Garage Door Opener Replacement: When to Consider One



Your garage door opener is the motorised mechanism that allows your garage door to open automatically. It is typically located on the ceiling of your garage or mounted on the wall just above your garage door. As with all motors and equipment, it will have to be replaced after a certain amount of time.

In this article, we will discuss what the typical life expectancy of your garage door opener will be as well as what signs to watch out for when considering a garage door opener replacement. 

How Long Does a Garage Opener Last? 

No matter how well you maintain your garage door opener, at some point, it will have to be replaced due to old age. As they aren't considered to be very complex mechanisms, there isn't too much that will go wrong with them. Therefore, one can expect a lifespan of around ten years, when looked after correctly. The lasting power of a garage door motor will also depend on whether or not it is a good quality motor, to begin with. How frequently you make use of your garage door will also impact how long it lasts. 

How Often Should You Replace Garage Door Opener? 

You can wait for your garage door opener to start giving signs of exhaustion or you can choose to replace your garage door opener with a newer version with all of the latest bells and whistles. However, if you have decided to wait for your current garage door opener to give up before replacing it with a new model then there are a few signs to look out for that will indicate that it is time for a replacement. 

  • A Mind of Its Own: If your garage door is opening and closing without you pushing the button that signals it to do so, it probably means that it is time to replace your garage door opener. 

  • It’s Being Noisy: Garages will always make some sort of sound when opening and closing; however, if that noise becomes increasingly louder and starts to be dramatically noticeable, you should at the very least have it checked out. 

  • It’s Stuck: If your garage door has gotten stuck on opening or closing and will not move, it is probably due to a broken garage door opener. 

  • Concerning Vibrations: If you can visibly see your garage door opener vibrating, it is definitely reaching the end of its life. It could also mean that your opener is coming loose from its mount and could fall on your car. 

Finding a Garage door Opener Replacement

If you have noticed that it is time to replace your garage door opener, then it is better to do so sooner rather than later. A broken garage door opener can create a lot of risks and potentially leave your home, family, and positions vulnerable to intruders. Contact Adams Doors to find out whether it is time to replace your garage door opener and find a suitable replacement. 

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