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Garage Door Maintenance 101


Like with anything on your home, maintenance should be done regularly on your garage door to ensure it stays running smoothly without any major issues. Smaller issues that are ignored could eventually lead to bigger, more costly ones. Rather than have to replace your whole garage door, you can do some garage door maintenance on your own or call in a professional garage door maintenance company to assist.

Garage Door Maintenance Tips

You need to monitor your garage door for any strange sounds it makes when opening or closing, and any shudders or shaking. If it’s making weird sounds, moving strangely, or slowing down, it needs to be checked out.

Inspect All Garage Door Parts

You can inspect your garage door hinges, the door springs, the cables and other parts for signs of rust, or other wear and tear. If you do find anything that could be cause for concern, you’ll probably want to get the help of an expert. Garage door mechanisms can be complicated, and they’re heavy. The parts can also be sharp and cause some nasty injuries if mistakes are made.

Lubricating Your Garage Door

Any motorised mechanism requires lubrication to avoid friction between parts. Lubrication will keep your garage door running smoothly, with limited shaking or shuddering, and annoying sounds. Non-corrosive cleaner can be used on all of the exposed rolling parts of the door, after which, you can apply your lubricant spray like Q20 or Tool-in-a-Can (once it is fully dry).

Keep Your Garage Door Tracks Clear

Garage door tracks should be cleaned regularly from build-up of spider webs, leaves and other debris. Having obstructions can cause misalignment, strain on the motor, and ultimately… an expensive repair. Keep those tracks clear.

Keep Your Garage Door Clean

Different garage doors require different care and cleaning. Wooden garage doors may need to be oiled occasionally, while aluminium garage doors can be wiped down with a damp cloth. When you get your garage door installed, it’s important to know how it will be best to clean them correctly. Once you know, you should clean them every couple of months. Best advice would be to clean them while you’re washing your car!

Garage Motor Maintenance

It is not advised to complete this on your own, or to fiddle with the electronics. If you suspect you may need a garage door motor repair or service, rather speak to a professional.

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