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Garage Door Buying Tips


Getting the right garage door for your home will mean that it not only looks great, but it functions the way that you need it to, and fits into your budget! With so many garage door types, sizes, functions, and more, it can be daunting trying to figure out which one to choose.

What Should I Look for When Buying A Garage Door?

It’s oftentimes the interior of your home that gets the most attention, but we forget that the exterior of a house creates the first impression. A garage door is also an important working part of the home and needs to be able to incorporate your storage needs; whether it’s for a large vehicle or other items – it also needs to keep them dry, insulated and safe.

What Is the Best Material for A Garage Door?

An important consideration when you choose the type of material for your garage door is climate. We have such versatile weather patterns in different provinces in South Africa that some materials will work better with than others. Here are a few guidelines:

  • For humid areas – aluminium, steel, and glass doors are best
  • For dry areas – any garage door material works for this climate
  • For rainy areas – aluminium and glass doors
  • For coastal areas – aluminium and glass doors are best

Wooden garage doors don’t always enjoy moisture and rain, but it doesn’t mean that humid areas must miss out. If you want a wooden garage door, speak to your garage door professional and find out if there are special coatings that can prevent water damage and swelling.

What Is the Most Secure Type of Garage Door?

You need to keep your safety requirements in mind before installing a new garage door. If your property is in a safer area like an estate or complex, your safety requirements could be lower. Single-standing homes are more at risk of break-ins and home invasions, so the security on your garage door needs to be a priority. Steel garage doors are heavier and oftentimes more secure, but other garage doors can be reinforced. As a matter of interest, garage doors become safer when they are automated.

How Much Should A New Garage Door Cost?

Consult a professional to get the best quote on a garage door that works for your budget. Adams Doors provide quotes on the same day after we receive an enquiry and each one will typically include different options to ensure that our clients are getting the best value for money.

Once a quote has been approved and we have acquired the necessary stock, installation will take a maximum of four hours, depending on the task at hand.

For more information, best advice on garage doors, and garage door installation and repair, contact our experts!

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