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Garage Door Automation for Additional Safety


Property holders, whether home or business, hold safety in high regard to ensure that their assets are protected. Garage door automation as well as gate automation can boost your property’s value because of multiple factors.

Garage Door Automation Benefits

Having an automated garage door and gate is infinitely safer than having to operate one manually.

Safety and Convenience

Your automated garage door will be more difficult to break into, making it less tempting for criminals to target your house. It’s also safe because you won’t need to leave the safety of your car to get out and manually open anything – it’s opened using the quick, convenient click of a remote. It also won’t be a schlep to get out of the car, into the cold, to open up!

An automated garage door will help ensure that your children and pets can’t slip out into the road when your back is turned. You have full visibility of the property from your vehicle while you wait for the automated gate or door to open.

Safer for Preventing Injuries

Many manual garage doors are heavy and require awkward movements to operate. Children, the elderly, and anyone with existing proneness to injuries could hurt themselves manually opening and closing the garage door; and there is always the risk of the door falling and severely hurting someone. An automatic garage door will do the heavy lifting for you, and the mechanism will prevent the door from falling, should something go wrong.

Anyone can push a button to go in and out, without risking a strained back and a squished foot.

What Will It Cost to Automate My Garage Door?

Depending on the model of garage door, as well as the garage door motor, you’ll have options that will fit into just about any budget. Automatic garage doors won’t increase your electricity bill by much, as they are reasonably energy efficient.

In the long run, your automatic garage door will add value to your property. Home buyers will appreciate the convenience and additional safety assurance.

All garage doors can be automated, from aluminium, to steel, and wooden ones. Adams Doors Installation & Services offers everything related to gate and garage door automation. We are experts in garage door automation on new and existing doors, gate automation on new and existing gates, new installation for both, and maintenance and repairs of both. Contact us for more information and an obligation-free quote.

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