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Emergency Garage Door Repairs


As with all aspects of being a homeowner, it is important to have a repair specialist on hand. Whether it is your fridge, oven, geyser, or garage door that breaks, you need a service provider that can not only help you quickly when an emergency strikes, but one that you can provide you with trusted and high-quality work.

In this article, we will discuss emergency garage door repairs and what to look out for when choosing your chosen service provider. 

What is a Garage Door Emergency? 

A great example of a garage door emergency is realising your garage door won’t open when leaving for or returning from work. Another fault that could be equally as distressing is if one's garage door won't lock or close properly, leaving your precious possessions vulnerable to being stolen or damaged by the elements. It could also provide easy entry into your home for burglars if you have a door leading into your home. Thus, it is important to ensure you have a chosen provider to call when an emergency does strike. 

Types of Garage Door Repairs

There are as many types of garage door repairs as there are garage door parts. It is important to find a garage door service provider that can offer you a full spectrum of repairs should a problem arise. Some of the most notable garage door repair areas include:

  • Track Repairs: This can include correcting the alignment, and securing the track. It could also involve levelling the track or correcting its positioning. If a garage door track is not level, aligned, or secured one can experience a garage door that is crooked or perhaps does not open! 

  • Wear and Tear: Wear and tear on a garage door can be purely aesthetic or it could affect and hinder movement on the garage door. Some examples of wear and tear can include warping, dents, cracking, rust and more. If consistent maintenance is not performed and these issues are not solved and repaired in time, it could lead to one having to replace the entire garage door

  • Mechanism Repairs: Your garage door mechanism determines whether your garage door can open and close or not. Thus it is extremely important to ensure one keeps it in tip-top shape and has someone to fix it should an emergency arise. 

Emergency Garage Door Repairs Prices

The price of an emergency garage door repair will depend on the severity of the damage, whether any parts need to be replaced, and how expensive those parts are. At Adams Doors we provide our clients with excellent service at reasonable prices. To find out more about our garage door repair services or receive a quote, contact us at Adams Doors


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