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Double Garage Doors: Advantages of Installing Them


For homes that have larger garages, it can be tough to decide whether you want two single garage doors or if you may prefer double garage doors. Two or more car garages will need to have proper doors to keep your belongings safe. There are a few advantages of opting for double garage doors. 

Additional Space Inside Your Garage

Double garage doors give homeowners more space to store their things, as well as manoeuvre their vehicles. More space is also great for loading, cleaning, and doing repairs – many people use their garage as storerooms and workshops for their hobbies. People who own larger cars like SUVs will typically choose double garage doors because they need the additional space. People with more than one car should get a double garage door so that both can be safely tucked away when they aren’t being used.

Save Money

Having two garage doors means not only two doors but also two garage door openers, two sets of tracks, two motors, two sets of sensors, etc. This can become costly, especially when they need repairs and maintenance. It also means an extra charge on your electricity bill. Getting a double garage door installed means that you only need one of everything, and you’ll only need to call your professional garage door installer for one issue (when it arises)!

Versatility of Double Garage Doors

Double garage doors can come in array of different materials, can be installed to open the way that suits your needs best (folding neatly, or lifting out), and can be fixed with windows as well. Your garage door can complement your home’s aesthetic characteristics and can enhance the exterior look of your home. Most modern garage doors can be customised and offer a variety of options for colours, finishes, panel designs, windows, and decorative hardware.

How Is a Double Garage Door Installed?

Every project is different, and it’ll always depend on the existing structure. If a door is being replaced, then installation should only take a few hours. If the structure doesn’t support a double garage door yet, then it may take about a day for installation. Garage door installation is tricky, with many different aspects involved. It includes panels and tracks, rollers, springs, cables, and the garage door motor.

Double Garage Door Installers

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