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Cheap Garage Doors for Sale: Getting What You Pay For


A garage door is an investment on your home, and so buying one should be carefully planned; consider your needs, budget, and aesthetic preferences. Buying a cheap garage door may seem tempting, but in this case, cheap won’t only mean inexpensive. There are a few drawbacks of cutting major costs on your new purchase that you should keep in mind.

Cheap Garage Door Drawbacks

Instead of finding “cheap garage doors for sale”, you should rather find a quality option that suits your budget. Getting a poor quality garage door will end up costing significantly more in the long run – so that’s an important fact to keep in mind! There are other considerations to take into account when you’re looking to cut budget corners.

Design Lacklustre

If aesthetic appeal is a focus, you’re not going to get many options on a tight budget. Cheap garage doors are generally very plain and dull, and will come in very limited colours and textures.  You will be able to spot a “cheap” garage door by the material itself as well as certain characteristics; is there any warping, bending or unevenness? Are colours on all the panels the same? Are the panels thinner (wooden doors) than your current door? The same goes for if you have a different garage door material in mind – if you start getting creative, the price will definitely go up.

More Frequent Repairs and Replacements

Especially with garage doors that are used regularly, wear and tear is a guarantee. Cheap garage door material will break down quicker and corrode more easily, meaning that a substantial amount of money will have to go into repairing and replacing parts. This works out to be more expensive in the long run. Quality garage doors have a longer lifespan and need repairs less frequently.

What Is the Cheapest Garage Door?

Aluzinc is the most cost-effective door – but it doesn’t compromise on quality! Adams Doors installs quality, budget-friendly Aluzinc doors that will last for many years.

How Much Is a Roll Up Garage Door?

Prices for any garage door will differ as no project is the same. Our quotes are sent the same day after we receive an enquiry, and they typically include different options to ensure that our clients are getting the best value for money. Once a quote has been approved and we have acquired the necessary stock, installation will take a maximum of four hours, depending on the task at hand.

To get a quote, or some expert advice on finding the right fit for your home or commercial property, contact our experts!

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