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Best Garage Door Motors South Africa


At Adams Doors, we provide a range of garage door motors, from new installations to repairs. There are various benefits of having a garage door motor to do all the heavy lifting for you; the type that you choose will depend on your requirement, our recommendation, and your budget. We come out and do an evaluation to determine which garage door will be best for you.


Types of Garage Door Motors

We stock garage door motors that include:


The DC Blue Advanced and DC Blue Advanced Roll Up

These garage door motors have been designed for overhead garage doors and can be used as roll-up garage door motors. With a sleek, modern design, both of these models will appeal to the aesthetic of your home, whilst providing an intelligent garage door motor experience. Additional security features have been put in place to ensure that this garage door motor is unhackable – meaning that clever thieves can’t get in using smart devices to tamper with the signal. It is a robust solution that will work for just about any garage door.


Digidoor Garage Door Motor

The Digidoor Garage Door Motor’s prices are made to suit any budget. The Digidoor garage door motor is a reliable system that automates various types of sectional garage doors. They come standard with electronic obstacle sensing and manual override, making them a safe and convenient solution for any home!


Lotex Garage Door Motor

Another garage door motor under the Adams Doors range is the Lotex. It is a quality garage door motor that has been deemed one of the highest standard garage door motors. Clients can expect two four-button remotes, and a secure receiver. It also comes with a host of safety features.


Adams Doors is a specialist in the garage door space, and that includes garage door motors. We supply, install, and offer only the best quality products, with the addition of expert garage door repairs. For more information, and to enquire about a quote, give us a call!

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