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Automatic Garage Door Myths


Automatic garage doors are convenient, easy to use, and improves your property’s safety. They’re also a great investment on any property as motorised garage doors up your home’s value. There are a few myths we want to clear up before you look into installing your automatic roll up garage door.

Myth #1: Anyone Can Install A Garage Door

At certain hardware stores you may find garage door parts and motors that you can set up yourself at home. Any professional garage door installation team will advise against this. Automatic garage door prices will go up significantly if you have to buy all the parts separately. Not only that, but installation will also be complicated for someone who doesn’t have any experience with, or the right tools, to set up a garage door or garage door motor. Garage doors are heavy, and a layman might even injure themselves during setup.

Myth #2: Automatic Garage Doors Are Noisy

Your garage door motor will (if in good condition) not be noisy. The noisiest part of the door opening will be the movement of the actual door, which would be inevitable regardless of automation or not. Automating your garage door may actually decrease the noise, as it will open and close your door smoothly and consistently in one motion.

Myth #3 – An Automatic Garage Door Is A Pricey Luxury

Designed to be safer and more convenient, automatic garage doors are not just for upmarket homes. There are many variations to choose from, meaning that there are different price brackets to suit many budgets. Garage door automation varies in cost depending on the project. A brand-new installation will cost more than a service or repair on an existing project. However, this can be seen as an investment, not only into your safety but into your property value too.

Adams Doors will provide different options in their quotes for their customers to ensure that our clients are getting the absolute best value for their money. We install new garage doors and automate them, or we can automate existing garage doors, depending on our client’s needs. Our experts also offer repairs, services, and installation on garage doors, garage motors and gate motors. Contact us for more information or for an obligation-free quote!

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