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Automatic Garage Door Benefits


With life being as fast-paced as it is, convenience is the goal when it comes to just about anything we own. The same should apply to features in your home. It’s already stressful enough fitting your morning routine in after hitting the snooze button one too many times, but having to leave your car to open your garage and repeat the process twice? It seems like a complete waste of time and energy, as well as a safety risk.

Automating your garage door takes the backache out of leaving and arriving home. There are a few other great benefits too!






Reasons to Install an Automatic Garage Door


Automatic garage doors take the mission out of coming and going. With a simple push of a button, or inserting of a code, you won’t have to leave the warmed (in winter) or cooled (in summer) interior of your temperature-controlled car. You also won’t have to get wet when it’s raining, or risk falling when it’s dark out!

Enhance Security

Security is any South African homeowner’s primary concern. We typically do everything we can to ensure the safety of our family, pets, property and possessions. Automated garage doors improve the home’s safety, as well as the safety of the driver of the vehicle. Drivers are oftentimes extremely vulnerable to crime and attacks when they leave their vehicles.

Not only is it easy pickings for the opportunistic hijacker; opening your garage door manually risks the safety of your home by giving criminals direct access when it’s been unlocked. An individual may be overpowered, giving the criminals free access into the property. An automated door eliminates the need to leave the car, and will typically close quickly with the push of a button.

Prevent Injuries

Whether you have a household with small children in it, or you’re getting older and less able to do heavy lifting, safety around the home is always important. Old deteriorating, manual garage doors may require the lifting of a heavy door from the ground. An automated door will detect if there is an obstacle in the way (like a pet or child) and will typically stop if anything gets in its path. They’ll also do the heavy lifting for you, saving your back and knees!

Elevates Home Value

Those in the market to find a home will be looking for one with valuable features like an automatic garage door for the very reasons we mention here. Buyers appreciate convenience and won’t be entirely impressed with having to manually open the garage. 

Automatic Garage Doors Prices

Investing in an automatic garage door is the smart thing to do, for many reasons. Depending on your needs and the size and make of the door, the price will vary. Best advice would be to get the experts to give you a quote and find the price that suits your budget!

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