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Automated Garage Doors Increase the Value of a Home


Remodelling your home adds value; however, not all upgrades increase the asking price for your home, but upgrading your garage door with a motor nearly pays for itself. Automated garage doors are one of the most valuable home improvements you can make when it comes to a return on investment because they add convenience and safety as a feature to your home. 


If you’ve watched as many house remodelling TV shows as I have, you will know that good curb appeal is the key to selling your home. However, this return on investment depends on several factors. To ensure your investment stands the test of time, you need a professionally installed garage door and motor. If you are not planning on selling your home immediately, you have to protect your investment with yearly professional maintenance and repair. 


Reasons Why  Automated Garage Doors Increase Home Value

Some features of an automated garage door add more value than others. Here are two characteristics that will definitely increase your home’s value: 


  • Curb Appeal: Garage doors are big and make up a significant percentage of your home’s exterior. This explains why a modern automated garage door can boost your homes’ curb appeal. The look of your garage door also plays a big role in the curb appeal of your home. To achieve a more modern look, consider opting for an aluminium or glass garage door.

  • Safety and Security: Garage door automation not only increases the value of your property but takes away major safety risks associated with non-automated garage doors. With an automated garage door, you don’t need to expose yourself by getting out of your vehicle, and leaving it unattended while you have to manually open the garage door to pull in. 


Garage Door Automation

Automating your garage door means that at the press of a button you have access to your garage. An automated garage door consists of three elements namely: 


  • Electric Motor 

  • Control System

  • Linking mechanism between the motor and door


It is vitally important that these elements are installed professionally and correctly to ensure that your door functions smoothly. 

Can Any Garage Door Be Automated? 

It is possible to automate almost any manual door if the door is in good condition and was installed professionally the first time around. There are, however, factors to be considered when automating a garage door.  For example, if the door is really heavy, you may be better off upgrading to an entirely new setup. But no need to stress, the professionals at Adams Doors can help you navigate these factors.

Adams Doors aims to make your experience of coming and going home in your vehicle as safe and convenient as possible. Contact Adams Doors to automate your garage doors and give your home a face-lift.

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