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Advantages of Installing a Double Garage Door


If you’re building or renovating a two-car garage door, you've probably been weighing your option on whether you should install a double garage door or two single garage doors. This might be a difficult decision for you to make. Most homeowners, however, choose a double garage door and are satisfied with their decision.


This article will tell you ‘why’, by going through the benefits of having a double garage door as well as what style is the most affordable option. The advantages include: 


Save Money with a Double Garage Door


When installing two single garage doors it doesn’t just stop there, you also need to install two garage door opener systems, which include two motors, two sets of tracks, two sets of sensors, and so on.


You should also keep in mind the expense of maintenance and repairs. It is more expensive to maintain two garage door systems than one (and professional maintenance is crucial if you want your garage door to stand the test of time.) Having two garage door motor systems also doubles your chances of breakdowns and issues costing you double the amount of money and ensuring double the number of grey hairs.


A Double Garage Door Means Double the Space 

Another major benefit and reason homeowners opt for a double garage door is because they provide greater flexibility in how the garage is used. For example, if you drive a big SUV or Bakkie It might be hard to squeeze these vehicles into a single garage door spacing. With a double garage, you have the choice of parking your vehicle in the centre of the garage, giving you plenty of room to manoeuvre on each side. This means you'll have more room to load, clean, repair, and move around your car. 


What is the Cheapest Double Garage Door Style for Sale?

Because garage doors can vary in many ways—size, decorative finishes, and insulating features, it's impossible to establish 100% accurate pricing comparisons across different styles. However, Steel doors are generally the least expensive, with wood and plastic doors being the most expensive. 


Garage Doors for Sale  

It’s time to reap the benefits of a double garage door. Contact Adams Doors, and they can assist you with quality garage doors, motors, repairs and installations.

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